Key Technology Cluster

The key technology cluster is horizontal cluster of servers that provide key exchange or key lookup for every transaction on the DAZZLE System,like a directory.

Due the nature of cryptographic key pairs on the Bitcoin transactional system,every transaction requires public wallet address lookup.key exchange needs to act as the public address registrar.

The key cluster also allows currency exchange,messages,public escrow and other information flow among peer-to-peer wallets.the message egine has enable logging and notification of all activities on the wallete communiction using send grid email notification.

Dazzle Exchanges

Dazzle is a premined,permissioned blockchaine,based on the original Bitcoin/Litecoin blockchain.



The DAZZLE Wallet application is a horizontal scaling server application that enables all DAZZLE Wallets to be used from diffrent Web Browser.


Web Service API

The Web Service API Server pre process,convert and index all the DAZZLE transactions from the Web interface and send them to the blockchain.


DAZZLE Blockchain

The DAZZLE Blockchain is a fork of Litecoin technology.A number of significant modifications have been made.


Transaction Fees

Transaction Fees are set to 0.001 DAZZLE per transaction,these fees may be raised or lowered in the future,depending up voting by the distributed geverning nodes.